Upcoming Guests

Chevy Chase airs 1/10/2015 – 1/16/2015
The comedian Chevy Chase talks about jazz and comedy and his own Bill Evans-influenced piano playing.

Ann Hampton Callaway airs 1/17/2015 – 1/23/2015
Broadway singer/composer Ann Hampton Callaway discusses how jazz inspires her singing.

Duke Heitger airs 1/24/2015 – 1/30/2015
Trumpeter Duke Heitger isn’t a native New Orleanean, but has lived there many years and talked with Judy about the challenges and advantages of a career in this most musical of cities, when you aren’t a native. Recorded onstage at the Ascona Jazz Festival in Switzerland.

Mike Renzi airs 1/31/2015 – 2/6/2015
Multi-Emmy and Grammy winner, composer/pianist Mike Renzi discusses his work as Music Director for Sesame Street, Mel Tormé, Peggy Lee, Liza and numerous others and reveals what continues to thrill and inspire him about jazz.

Maud Hixson airs 2/7/2015 – 2/13/2015
Judy talks with vocalist Maud Hixson about her new CD “Don’t Let A Good Thing Get Away” and its focus on the compositions on Mickey Leonard.

Larry King airs 2/14/2015 – 2/20/2015
Jazz pianist/vocalist Larry King discusses his many musical influences from Bill Evans to Ella Fitzgerald and how living and working in Paris has enhanced his creativity.

Champian Fulton airs 2/21/2015 – 2/27/2015
Pianist/singer Champian Fulton talks about the advantages of starting a music career outside of L.A. or NY and how her father’s taste in music has influenced her since before her birth. Hint: He held headphones up to her mama’s baby bump. Baby Bud Powell, anyone?

Jay Leonhart airs 2/28/2015 – 3/6/2015
Bassist Jay Leonhart starting playing multiple instruments as a child and by his early teens had his own TV show with his banjo-playing brother Bill. Leonhart eventually found his home on the bass, but kept the variety going with collaborations with everyone from Judy Garland and Carly Simon to Sinatra and Sting.

Roland Guerin airs 3/7/2015 – 3/13/2015
New Orleans bassist Roland Guerin and Judy met and recorded their conversation and played on stage at the 2013 Ascona Jazz Festival in Switzerland, where they discussed Roland’s New Orleans roots and favorite jazz.

Fred Hersch airs 3/14/2015 – 3/20/2015
Pianist/composer/activist Fred Hersch is one of the few musicians who feels equally comfortable with classical music and jazz, and discussed how he negotiates his way between these two worlds and uses each to inspire the other. Fred has also been living with HIV/AIDS for more than 25 years and talked about his work in raising awareness and funds throughout his own struggle with the virus.

Ehud Asherie airs 3/21/2015 – 3/27/2015
Pianist Ehud Asherie was born in Isreal, spent his early years in Italy and now lives in the States. He brings an international perspective as well as wide musical knowledge to his jazz playing. Judy and Ehud discuss his broad range of influences including Orson Welles whom he considers a major source of inspiration.

Harry Allen airs 3/28/2015 – 4/3/2015
Saxophonist Harry Allen discusses growing up playing accordian and how that much-ridiculed instrument helped him learn jazz.