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Stations 1

Listen to Jazz Inspired on:
Listen on SiriusXM Satellite Radio NPR Now Channel 122.
Jazz at Lincoln Center’s Real Jazz on Sirius 72/XM70, Thursdays at 9pm PST (12am Friday EST)
and Sunday 8am EST.

Market Station Call Sign Freq Day Time
Saskatoon CFCR-FM 90.5 Occ Occ
Port-au-Prince MLDE-FM 103.3 Tues 10:00pm
Port-au-Prince MLDE-FM 103.3 Thurs 10:00pm
Port-au-Prince MLDE-FM 103.3 Sun 9:00pm
Puerto Rico
San Juan WIPR-FM 91.3 Thurs 3:00pm
Birmingham/Tuscaloosa WUAL-FM 91.5
Decatur 94.7
Huntsville 100.7
Muscle Shoals/Florence WQPR-FM 88.7
Selma/Montgomery WAPR-FM 88.3
Dillingham KDLG-AM 670 TBA TBA
Homer KBBI-AM 890 Mon-Occ 10:00pm
Juneau KRNN-FM 102.7 Mon 11:00pm
Mon 5:00am
Kenai KDLL-FM 91.9 Occ Occ
Unalaska KIAL-AM 1450 TBA TBA
Sierra Vista KUAZ-FM 91.7 Wed 7:00pm
Tucson KUAZ-AM 1550 Wed 7:00pm
Tucson KUAZ-FM 89.1 Wed 7:00pm
Yuma KAWC-AM 1320 Sat 8:00pm
Yuma KAWC-FM 88.9 Sat 8:00pm
Homer KBBI-AM 890 Mon 10pm Occ
Jonesboro KASU-FM 91.9 Thurs 9:30pm
Carmel KRML-AM 1410 Tues/Thurs 9:00am
Carmel KRML-FM 94.7 Tues/Thurs 9:00am
El Cerrito KECG FM 88.1 Thurs 10:00pm
Fresno KFSR-FM 90.7
Los Angeles/Long Beach KKJZ-FM 88.1 Sun 10:00pm
Monterey/Salinas KRML-FM 93.7 Wed 10:00am
Monterey/Salinas KRML-FM 92.5 Wed 10:00am
Riverside KUCR-FM 88.3 Tues 11:00am
Santa Rosa KRCB-FM 96.9
Apopka IPR Web Sat 2:00pm
Gainesville/Ocala WUFT-FM 89.1 Tues 2:00pm
Inverness WJUF-FM 90.1 Tues 2:00pm
Miami/ Fort Lauderdale WDNA-FM 88.9 Tues 11:00am
Orlando WUCF-FM 89.9 Wed 10:00pm
Panama City WKGC-FM 90.7 Sat 6pm
Gainesville WBCX-FM 89.1 Occ Occ
Blackfoot KBYI-FM 91.9 Fri 8:00pm
Brewster KPBX-FM 91.9 Wed 11:00pm
Burley KBYI-FM 107.3 Fri 8:00pm
Coeur d’Alene KPBX-FM 91.9 Wed 11:00pm
Kellogg KPBX-FM 91.9 Wed 11:00pm
Pocatello KBYI-FM 104.9 Fri 8:00pm
Priest Lake KPBX-FM 101.7 Wed 11:00pm
Rexburg KBYI-FM 100.5 Fri 8:00pm
Sandpoint KPBX-FM 101.7 Wed 11:00pm
The Silver Valley KPBX-FM 91.9 Wed 11:00pm
Twin Falls KBYI-FM 98.3 Fri 8:00pm
Champaign WILL-FM 90.9 Occ Occ
Charleston WEIU-FM 88.9 Sat 1:00pm
Danville WILL-FM 106.5 Occ Occ
Pittsfield WIPA-FM 89.3 Sat 11:00pm
Quincy WQJC-LP 107.9 Sun 2:00pm
Thurs 10:00am
Rock Island/Quad Cities WVIK-FM 90.3 Sat 9:00pm
Urbana WILL-FM 101.1 Occ Occ
Springfield WUIS-FM 91.1 Sat 11:00pm
Decorah KWLC-AM 1240 Sun 5:00pm
Dubuque WVIK-FM 95.7 3:00am
Lexington WEKU 88.9 Sat 12:00 am
4:00 am
Lafayette KRVS 88.7 Wed 7:00pm
Lake Charles KRVS-FM 90.9 Wed 12:00am
Lake Charles KRVS-FM 90.5 Tues 11:00pm
Baton Rouge WBRH 90.3 TBA TBA
Baltimore WCSC-FM Web Tues 12:00pm
Bel Air WHFC-FM 91.1 Sat 3:00pm
Orleans WFMR-FM 91.3 Thurs 2:00am
      Fri 3:00am
Provincetown WOMR-FM 92.1 Thurs 2:00am
      Fri 3:00am
Springfield WTCC-FM 90.7 Tues 12:00pm
Worcester WICN-FM 90.5 Tues 6:00pm
East Lansing WLNZ-FM 89.7 Thurs 9:00pm
Minneapolis KBEM-FM 88.5 Occ Occ
Winona KQAL-FM 89.5 Sun 12:00pm
Bozeman KBMC-FM 102.1 Occ/Wed 6:30pm
Bozeman KBMC-FM 106.7 Occ/Wed 6:30pm
Dillon KBYI-FM 105.5 Fri 8:00pm
Havre/ Shelby KNMC-FM 90.1 Occ/Wed 6:30pm
W. Yellowstone KBYI-FM 91.9 Fri 8:00pm
Las Vegas KUNV-FM 91.5 Fri 9:00am
New Hampshire
Henniker WNEC-FM 91.7 Thurs 6:00pm
New Mexico
Farmington KSJE-FM 90.9 Sat 11:00pm
New York
Lincoln Center’s
Real Jazz
Sirius 72/XM70 Thurs 9:00pm PST
12:00am EST
Lincoln Center’s
Real Jazz
Sirius 72/XM70 Sat 8:00am EST
Binghamton WSZX-FM 91.5
Brookville WCWP-FM 88.1 Sun 10:00pm
Elmire/Corning WCWP-FM 88.1
Garden City WHPC-FM 90.3 Wed 1:00am
Geneva Geneva Community Radio – online station Tues 9:00pm
Harnell WSQA-FM 88.7
Herkimer WVHC-FM 91.5 Sat 11:00am
Ithaca WSQG-FM 90.9
Nassau/ Suffolk WLIU-FM 88.3 Sun 10:00
Oneonta WUOW-FM 104.7 Mon 10:00pm
Southampton WLIU-FM 88.3 Sun 10:00pm
Utica/Rome WVHC-FM 91.5 Sat 10:00pm
North Carolina
Carrboro WCOM-LPFM 103.5
Greensboro WNAA-FM 90.1 Fri 11:00am
New Bern WZNB-FM 88.5 Sun 11:00pm
Greenville 88.1 Sun 11:00pm
Kinston/Goldboro WKNS-FM 90.3 Sun 11:00pm
Morehead City WBJD-FM 91.5 Sun 11:00pm
Morehead City WTEB-FM 91.5 Sun 12:00am
Winston Salem WSNC-FM 90.5 Sun 9:00pm
Marietta WMRT-FM 88.3 Sat 10:30pm
Cincinnati WGUC 90.9
Columbus WCBE 90.5
Enterprise KPBX-FM 89.5 Wed 11:00pm
John Day KSPR-FM 101.5 TBA TBA
Erie WMCE-FM 104.9 Sun 9:00pm
Erie WMCE-FM 88.5 Sun 9:00pm
Erie WYNE-AM 1530 Sun 9:00pm
Grove City WSAJ-AM 1340 Sun 2:00pm
Grove City WSAJ-FM 91.1 Sun 2:00pm
Williamsport WPTC-FM 88.1 Fri 12:00am
Sat 11:00am
Bryan/ College Station KAMU-FM 90.9 Fri 11:00pm
Kilgore KTPB-FM 88.7 Fri 8:00pm
Hallsville KQAT-FM 104.9
San Marcos KTSW-FM 89.9 Sun 9:00am
Stephenville, Granbury, Glen Rose KTRL 90.5 Fri 11:00pm
Norfolk/Virginia Beach WYOU-FM 100.9 Thurs 7:00pm
Radford WVRU-FM 89.9 Sun 1:00pm
Brewster KPBX-FM 91.9 Wed 11:00pm
Grand Coulee KPBX-FM 91.9 Wed 11:00pm
Lower Methow Valley KPBX-FM 91.9 Wed 11:00pm
Mt. Vernon KSVR-FM 90.1 TBA TBA
Omak KPBX-FM 88.9 Wed 11:00pm
South Spokane KPBX-FM 90.7 Wed 11:00pm
Spokane KPBX-FM 91.1 Wed 11:00pm
Tonasket KPBX-FM 91.9 Wed 11:00pm
Twisp KPBX-FM 91.9 Wed 11:00pm
Upper Methow Valley KPBX-FM 91.9 Wed 11:00pm
Upper Okanogan Valley KPBX-FM 91.9 Wed 11:00pm
Winthrop KPBX-FM 91.9 Wed 11:00pm
Washington D.C.
American Univ. Radio WAMU-FM 88.5 Sat 11:00pm
West Virginia
Grafton WTBZ-AM 1260 Sat 9:00pm
Parkersburg WMRT-FM 104.3 Sat 10:30pm
Burlington WBSD-FM 89.1 TBA TBA
Afton KBYI-FM 104.9 Fri 8:00pm
Freedom KBYI-FM 103.9 Fri 8:00pm
Gillette KYPR-FM 88.9 Occ/Wed 6:30pm
Grey Bull KEMC-FM 91.1 Occ/Wed 6:30pm
Jackson KBYI-FM 104.9 Fri 8:00pm